Rodger & Sandra Wikeland , Missionaries to Zambia, Central Africa

In 1994, after completing a one year internship in Honduras and Central America, the Wikelunds were assigned to direct a building project for Bethel Bible School in Mufulira, Zambia. Rodger was also interim director of Bethel Bible School from 1998-2000 and taught New Testament during that time. After being in Zambia for three months, the Wikelunds realized the great need to rescue street kids by feeding them, clothing them, teaching them, and introducing them to God’s love that would offer them hope and faith. The Bethel Bible School was completed and Rodger and Saundra were assigned to remain in Zambia as founders and directors of Emma’s Kids Ministry.

The ministry went from owning nothing to purchasing property with buildings that were converted to a chapel, boy’s dormitory, a medical clinic, dining area, a girl’s dorm, and a 10 room school was built so they could start a Christian School Called Emma’s Kids Christian Academy.

In 2001, 25 acres were attained so Emma’s Kids could be involved in farming. As the land was cultivated and prepared for planting, Harvest International Church of God was planted. Harvesting souls began even before the first crops were ready for harvesting. Now the ministry has over 2,000 acres with a church.

A project called Loaves and Fishes International Agricultural and Missions Training Center was developed where the kids, and others, will be trained in agriculture and the Word of God. A poultry operation named Cecil’s Chicks has been completed and has raised 1,000 chicks that supply up to 30 trays of eggs daily.