Jim & Debroa Womble, Missionaries to Kenya
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In 1980, Jim saw Africa in a vision. Through this vision, he knew that God had placed a special burden upon him for Africa. The door to the mission field was opened in 1995. He took his family to Kenya, ministering in small towns and villages all over the East African country; immediately realizing the plight of the African child. From all four corners of Kenya, they saw orphaned, needy, destitute and sick children without families to care for them in the most horrible conditions one could imagine. This burden would soon lead them to pursue their vision of rescuing as many of these kids as possible.

As career missionaries with Church of God World Missions, they have served as Pastor of three churches in Kenya, built over 30 church buildings, the Kenya National Office, three children’s ministry centers, and have planted five successful churches. In their 12 years of ministry in Kenya, they have seen over 10,000 people come to know the Lord. Jim and Debora currently serve as Directors of Kibera Kids Center, an orphanage located in the largest slum in Africa called Kibera. The slum has an estimated population of over 2.5 million, with an estimated 1.5 million children and approximately half of those are orphans. KKC serves up to 200 of these most vulnerable and displaced children in Kibera.

KKC provides total care of each child including food, shelter, education, spiritual and vocational training. The Wombles pastor the campus church which also serves the slum of Kibera, being well attended by the Kibera residents. The onsite feeding center, an outreach of the church, provides a hot meal daily to over 6,500 per month of the hungry from Kibera.

KKC is a full service project which provides food, shelter, clothing, and education to the resident children. Situated on fourteen acres and utilizing 42,000 square feet of modern facilities, KKC is considered to be one of the best orphanages in Kenya, caring for abandoned babies, homeless kids and others who have been orphaned due to AIDS or some other tragic means.