Mission Statement

The mission of the Church of God is to perpetuate the full gospel of Jesus Christ (Matthew 28:19,20), in the Spirit and power of Pentecost (Acts 2: 1-4, 6, 13-18), through specific attention to and emphasis upon the centrality of God's Word, world evangelization, ministerial development, Christian discipleship, lay ministry, Biblical stewardship, church growth, church planting, family enrichment, and servant leadership.
Our vision arises from our understanding of what the sovereign God purposes to do for and through His Church. The great Commission remains our mandate from Christ.
The Church of God is to be:
1. A movement committed to the authority of Holy Scripture for faith
and direction.
2. A fellowship whose worship brings God's power into the life of the
 church and extends that power through the lives of believers into the
 marketplace of life.
3. A body that is directed by the Spirit, fully understanding that baptism
 in the Holy Spirit is both a personal blessing and an endowment of
 power for witness and service in fulfilling the Great Commission.
4. A people who hunger for God, experience the presence of God, and
 stand in awe of His holiness as He changes believers into conformity
 with Christ.
5. A New Testament church which focuses on the local congregation
 where the pastor nurtures and leads all members to exercise spiritual
 gifts in ministry.
6. A church that loves all people and stands opposed to any action or
 policy that discriminates against any group or individual because of
 race, color, or nationality.
7. A movement that evidences love and concern for the hurts and
 loneliness of the unsaved through aggressive evangelistic, discipling,
 and nurturing ministries.
8. A church that is Christ-centered, people oriented, and need-sensitive
 in all its programs and ministries.
9. A movement that promotes policies and ministries which reflect an
 open, sincere effort to remain relevant to each generation.